St.A.R. stands for study of ALS reversals.


In this program, we will be trying to learn if ALS reversals can be explained by demographic, genetic or biomarker differences.

How We Define ALS Reversals
  • Confirmed cases of ALS in which there is dramatic, sustained improvement in at least 1 objective measure.
  • Requires our review of medical records related to ALS diagnosis and to improvement


Possible Explanations for ALS Reversals
When a person with a confirmed diagnosis of ALS unexpectedly improves on validated ALS outcome measures, there are the following possible explanations:
  1. They may have an unusual form of ALS to start with
  2. They may have innate compensatory mechanisms that allow them to fight off the disease
  3. They may be taking something that is helping them


Methods Being Used in St.A.R.
  • Databasing of all known reversals
  • Comparison with databases of more typically progressive patients
  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Antibody Testing